About Us – Who we are and the people behind the scene

About Us

Monplaisir Delicacies is an Alberta Corporation.

We are only selling top of the line French and Canadian Delicacies.

Our French Macarons are made in CALGARY with 95% of Canadian ingredients and privilege Local and Organic suppliers in our brand new 2700 sqft facility.

The Company was registered in November 2013, with the Corporate Division open in March 2014 and the first shop on May 26th, 2014.

We employ 3 store sales staff, a Pastry Chef and a Pastry assistant as well as an Office Assistant.

About Us - Chef Theophile MIDEZ

Chef Theophile MIDEZ

The people behind the scene…

Chef Theophile MIDEZ grew up in the heart of France, close to a mother passionated by cooking with the simplest and finest ingredients. It became a natural choice for him when he came to choose a career for life, to choose a Hotel and Restaurant High School, in Poligny, Jura. For the next 5 years he had to go thru the learning curve of the very demanding “French Gastronomy”, and after a final internship at “Romuald Fassenet” in Dole (Michelin Guide 1 Star, Best Tradesman in France in 2004) he obtained his Master in Culinary Engineering with a minor in “Table Arts”. After an additional 1 year specialization in French Patisserie, he had the honour to accomplish internships in such establishments like “Taillevent”(Michelin 2 Stars), PARIS, and Palm d’Or Restaurant at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes, Cote d’Azur.

He then chose to gain experience by working full time during the next two years at “Taillevent”(Michelin 2 Stars), PARIS, where he honed is craft and practiced his trade amongst the best in the Trade, using the finest and highest quality ingredients.

Theophile came to Canada  in 2012 and went to work for Manuel Latruwe in Calgary where he worked together with his young wife, and discovered the complexity of Macaron making.

He joined our team at the opening of our kitchen and production unit in Calgary, in June 2015, and although the task of managing a kitchen by himself with staff was a challenge, he succeeded in establishing the recipes and production procedures that make the product we have today such a fine delicacy.