Queen Bites

Catarina de Medici - 1519 / 1589

Queen Bites

It is said that Catarina de Medici brought to France, when she married Henry the Fourth and became Queen of France, the “macarone” cookies made of Almond Flour, sugar and egg whites from her Native Italy. Legend has it that this could very well be the predecessor of what would become one day, assembled with a delicious filling between two cookies, the French Macaron we know today.

As a tribute to her Majesty and her Royal gift, we have created small bites that are basically Macaron Shell doughs, flavoured  and coloured, in sizes from 1 to 2 cm and sold by the dozen.

They make an ideal treat with a coffee or tea, a nice cake, Ice Cream or dessert decoration.


– Lemon Yellow
– Chocolate Brown
– Vanilla White
– Pistachio Green
– Caramel Orange
– Almond (Plain) Red

CAUTION All our products contain : ALMONDS & NUTS | DAIRY | EGGS